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April 2009

Custom Applications
Automation is Key
Instant Access to Data

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Have you been unable to find an off-the-shelf software solution that fits your unique business needs?
cdLLC offers
Custom Application Development.
We work to build applications that help transform your business by streamlining your operations.  Our team will coordinate with you on all phases of custom projects, from design to implementation to ongoing management and support.
Custom Applications
If you can dream up an application, we can make that dream a reality!
At cdLLC, we have created
  • e-commerce sites, with a one step process for submitting inventory to Yahoo Shopping, Google Products, Shopzilla, NexTag,, building standard RSS syndication, and more,
  • secure portals,
  • self-service member databases, allowing each user a private home page,
  • document distribution/commenting/voting systems,
  • web-driven applications that integrate with existing third-party accounting software.
At the same time, we've automated tasks, reduced costs, increased customer satisfaction, and brought efficiency and reliability to critical business systems.
Automation is Key

A very wise person said to me, "if you perform a task twice, automate it."

From document distribution, accounting, online collaboration, project management to human resources, all of the tasks that every business performs day-in and day-out can - and should - be automated, and the best way to go about that is by utilizing a web-based application. 

Instant Access to Data 
The future success of your business will rely on instant access to information, from any location, at any time.  Why be tethered to an office to generate revenue, or sleeping soundly as your competitor's 24/7 e-commerce site is accepting orders?  Experiencing the future now requires harnessing the power of the World Wide Web to deliver real-time access to your data.
Whatever your Internet presence needs, cdLLC will boost your results... GUARANTEED!
Contact us, and we'll tell you how. 
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